Monday, 4 July 2011

sleeping paralysis(here is a common dream as described by a blogger)

please give your comments if you've experienced similar dreams as described below

This has been a reoccurring pattern in dreams: unable to lift arms, hold small things, inability to hold myself up.

In my particular dream last night, I was in an unfamiliar house with my brother and his friend, I was feeling weak, my mother came in and I asked her if she could bring me home, and she made up an excuse as to why I couldn't. I reacted badly to that, then all of a sudden my ex-girlfriend appeared in the room, she said something along the lines of,
"I figured out a way to control my emotions, if I sleep with people I can handle it."

And naturally, I was like, "Excuse me!? And I asked who she'd had sex with." and she said something like, 'someone from the food club.' That was confusing.

Okay, so now I'm really upset, and I went to go find my dad, but I was tripping all over the place and my legs just weren't cooperating. I had to hold onto things to stay up, when I finally got to my dad, he looked really upset.

I asked, "Where's mom?"
He said, "She went to run an errand."
"I need to go hhhme." (my speech died off)
In a raspy tone this is what I managed to make out, "Avery is [in] room. [Sh]e tol[d] me [sh]e was [sleeping] [w]ith [o]ther pe[ople]" The brackets are the sounds and words that I couldn't say.

I remember feeling a tightness in my chest, in my sleep.

Then I watch my dad go up and retrieve Avery, my ex, from the room, he's disciplining her, when she walks by, I'm leaning over a rail trying to say things like, "You're a dirty whore" and all these bad things. And she just looks at me like she did nothing wrong.

And that was the most of my dream that really didn't make sense to me.